Our FM Brews


​In addition to the beers listed below, we also carry various creations that can only be found in our tasting room. If you are ever in Fort Myers, be sure to stop by and see what we have on tap!


4.1% ABV

Craft beer can be a little intimidating to some people, especially those not fond of a lusciously bitter brew. Gateway Gold is the perfect way to introduce your mouth to the simpler side of craft beer. This golden blonde ale is smooth & light bodied with a unique touch of sweetness. Whether you're a novice or a hardcore beer lover, this easy drinkin' brew always goes down smooth.

5.0% ABV

Just like the childhood treat, but with an adult kick! The combination of a peanut butter nose with a milk chocolate taste make this decadent porter one of our most sought after seasonal brews.

FML Fort Myers Light
4.2% ABV

Fort Myers is known as the City of Palms, so we brew this crisp & clean ale to honor the town we call home. It’s light, refreshing and relaxed which makes it the ideal summer beer and the perfect match for Floridians year round. Fort Myers Brewing received a Silver Medal for this beer in the Best Florida Beer Competition in 2016.

5.9% ABV

The next time you want to celebrate a great success with your buds, just yell "High Five!" and stick one hand in the air while you hold this crushable IPA in the other. We brew and dry hop this beer with Citra and Centennial hops to create piney, citrusy aromas and flavors bursting out of every pint. Fort Myers Brewing won a Gold medal for this beer in the Best Florida Beer Competition in 2015... that's so worth a High 5!

5.6% ABV

Tamiami Tan is brewed with crisp pale chocolate malt which gives this moderately malty brown ale a coffee and chocolate backbone. A perfect compliment to a fine cigar. Even those who don’t typically enjoy dark beers like this one!

5.8% ABV

Named to bring attention to the burdensome regulations on microbreweries in the state of Florida, this award winning American Amber has a noticeable caramel richness and a smooth finish. Centennial and Simcoe hops balance out this brew with a crisp, clean bite that perfectly balances the sweetness of the malts.

9.2% ABV

Our notorious Double IPA boasts a potent citrus hop character and a prominent sweetness that packs a knockout punch. Consider yourself warned… this devious concoction skillfully hides its alcohol content, and if you’re not careful you may just end up O.Y.A. (On Your Ass). Fort Myers Brewing received a Gold medal for this beer in the Best Florida Beer Competition in 2015 and a Bronze medal in 2014. In addition to a 92 from Beer Advocate, beliving "the best use of Citra hops in a good while."

9.3% ABV

Cypress Strong is a big beer. Smooth, malty with hints of caramel make this 9.3% ABV American Strong Ale a crowd pleaser. Named after the owners Newfoundland, also named Cypress.


10.2% ABV

This award winning Russian Imperial Stout has a rich thickness that could be compared to bubblin' crude. A bold style inspired by brewers back in the 1800's to win over the Russian Czar, this modern day version boasts an intensely rich and complex malt malt character with slight hints of espresso and chocolate. Fort Myers Brewing Company won a bronze medal for this brew at the 2016 Best Florida Beer Competition.

9.3% ABV

Grab a can of whipped cream, this is pumpkin pie in a glass! Brewed in the fall this beer has it all – pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon and brown sugar. And at 9.3% it packs a punch. Don’t miss this one; it won’t be in stock long.

4.1% ABV

Our summertime pineapple infused ale is the perfect refresher for the dog days of summer that happen to be most days in Southwest Florida.

8.3% ABV

This isn't your great Aunt June's egg nog receipe. Giving homage to the original spiked elixer, Keg Nog Stout is brewed with seasonal spices such as cinnamon & nutmeg. With a 8.3% ABV it is also the prescription for getting through those family holiday parties.


10.2% ABV

An Imperial IPA disguised by its jet-black color! Brewed with dark malts bringing a slight roasty flavor to this hoppy beer. Fort Myers Brewing received a silver medal for this beer in the Best Florida Beer Competition in 2014 as well as a gold medal in 2016. Most recently, Incognito received a 93 on Beer Advocate, stating it was "true to style," and "exceptional all around"

10.2% ABV

All chocoholics know that you have to indulge your sweet tooth once and a while. This highly acclaimed double stout is chock-full of sweetness, with decadent layers of rich chocolate seamlessly melding with subtle wisps of roasted barley and espresso. Fort Myers Brewing received Gold Medals for this beer at the Best Florida Beer Competition of 2015 and 2016, and it also won 2nd Runner up Best Small Batch Brew of 2016.

5.8% ABV

A brown ale infused with hazlenut, Sister Hazlenut is a complex brew with a light chocolate sweetness that makes it very approachable by craft novices and connoisseurs alike. If you enjoy nutella, you're going to want keep Sister Hazlenut "All for You."

5.9% ABV

In Florida fashion we decided to up the heat index on one of our most popular beers. The addition of mango & habenero creates a slight sweetness with a backend heat to keep you wanting more.